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Light + Material Studies

Light projecting onto printed transparency.

Video projecting onto printed transparency.

Light passing through patterned panels below rail line.

Light passing through patterned panels below rail line.

Video altered with sound analysis

Video responding to Modul8 and sound analysis.  The video speed, colour, and blur are controlled by defined sound frequencies.

Video clip from ‘Congruent Triangles’ by Cornwell.  Music by oshybones.

Modul8 screenshot:

Create Digital Music … a New Series on Digital Sound and Art in Berlin …

Create Digital Music – A New Partnership, a New series on Digital Sound and Art in Berlin; First Look at the Artists. Link

LEAP – Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance. Link

Pulse Width Modulated Light and Audio Transmission

Modulating four LEDs using Arduino and PWM.  Each LED fades at a different rate creating varying light patterns.  The fading light was then recorded using two powered photocells (one for left and one for right) which produces the rhythmic sound patterns.  As the sensors are moved further away the signal diminishes simulating interference between the receiver and emitter.


Spectrogram of audio recording:

The intent is to use the qualities of natural and artifical light, patterns of light, and movements of light to inform the building’s materials, form, and experience.  Patterns and openings in material allow light to be structured as it enters a space, creating a composition for the photocells to record.  Light can easy be interrupted and/or distorted by passing users, traffic, and site conditions.  This creates both an audio and visual composition dependent on its surroundings; one that may have missing and/or altered signals, varying intensities, or no light at all.

Transmission of sound through light:

Light is used as a speaker emitting various pulses that correspond to the sound being played.  When a photocell is amplified and placed near the LED, the pulses can be heard as the original sound.  Light is transmitting the audio signal.

Patterns of Sound

Sequence of openings punched into the paper used to actuate a player piano.

Selected frequency patterns from a spectrogram.  Audio recording of a PWM LED.

Light passing through perforated material onto irregular surface.

Spray – Alva Noto

Spray by Alva Noto.

Granular Synthesis – Curtis Roads

Point Line Cloud by Curtis Roads.

 Curtis Roads on Granular Synthesis.