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Interview with Modeselektor

Device from Musée des Arts et Métiers

Device at the Musée des Arts et Métiers

3D Points from Moiré Patterns

Using Moiré patterns to create projecting surfaces by assigning points on a XYZ plane.

Fig. 2.12, The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon, Amidor, pg. 45.

Moiré from two layers of dot patterns.

Surface created using Moiré pattern. Points of the grid are projected by lengths proportioned  to the density of the Moiré.

Shifting Gradient Dot Patterns

Shifting of two layers of gradient dot patterns to create Moiré effect.


Moiré Patterns from Conic and Planar Projections

Projecting the divisions of an equally spliced cone and inclined plane into a surface to form grids.  When the two grids are overlaid they form a simple Moiré fringe.

Fig. 31, The Science of Moiré Patterns, Oster, pg. 25.

Shifting Dot Patterns

Two layers of dot patterns by produced using software.  The top layer is rotating and changing position which produces a slowly shifting Moiré pattern.  Patterns could be layered and spaced forming a building skin which appears to shift as a user passes by.


Moiré by kollektive Wahrnehmung

Moiré by kollektive Wahrnehmung. Link