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Schlesisches Tor Recordings

Various field recordings and device recordings at Berlin near U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor.

Walking around site device recording and ambient recording.

Device recording.

Device recording.



Listening to Light

Listening to light using a two powered photocells as ‘microphones’. Recordings of multiple sources of light:  Hallway lamp, Bathroom fluorescent fixture, Light of power bar, and Chandelier.


We are not dangerous but in danger!

We are not dangerous but in danger!  Nous ne sommes pas dangereux, mais en danger!  Wir sind nicht gefahrlich, aber im gefahr!

Graffiti near Schlesisches Tor.

Berlin – U12 – Schlesisches Tor

Location of site along the U12 UBahn track near Schlesisches Tor.

View to the north.

View to the west.

Under track view to the west.

View of track structure.

View at U Schlesisches Tor.

View of track at night.

View of track turning north at night.

View looking south of track turning north at night.

View of track turning north at night.

View looking south of track turning north at night.

Walking below the U12 track:

La Gaîté Lyrique – Trackers by Rafael Lozeno-Hemmer

Trackers by Rafael Lozeno-Hemmer at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris.  The installation uses surveillance technology to map and record users of the space.  Link

Light projections produce shadows on wall which are processed and determine the a radio’s tuning and volume.

Spotlights move across the avoiding the user.

Momentary wall projection of user’s movements shown in plan.

Video of installations:

Lighting Sensing Array

An array of light sensing photocells each tuned to a different tone.  As light projects through opening (inversely as shadows move across) it will sequentially activate each photocell depending on the attributes of the opening (or shadow).  An audio composition will be created by manipulation of light patterns and changes in light intensity.  A circuit will be needed to produce and control each of the tones.

Opening located at 45 degree  from Y (in line with sensors).

Opening located at 30 degree from Y.

Opening located at 60 degree from Y.


Metastasis by Iannis Xenakis

Graph of opening glissandi from Metastasis, Xenakis, 1953. Link